Manik Tyagi

Manik Tyagi

Attendance System

  • Year:2023
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Attendance System by Manik

The attendance system using facial recognition technology allows students to mark their attendance simply by appearing in front of a mobile camera. The system captures a live video of the student and compares it with the images stored in the database to confirm their identity. Once confirmed, the attendance is marked and recorded in an Excel sheet which is then automatically sent to their email ids. This eliminates the need for traditional attendance methods and reduces the possibility of proxy attendance.

The facial recognition feature ensures accurate attendance tracking and eliminates the need for manual attendance marking. The system is user-friendly and easy to use, requiring only a mobile phone with a camera. The Excel sheet stores all attendance data, which can be used to generate reports and monitor attendance trends.

Overall, this system is a convenient and efficient solution for attendance tracking. With facial recognition technology, it provides accurate and reliable attendance records, saving time and effort for both students and teachers. The automatic email feature ensures that students receive attendance updates in a timely manner, promoting accountability and responsibility.