Manik Tyagi

Manik Tyagi

Buddy (Ai Assistant)

  • Year:2023
  • Github:

Introducing an AI assistant that helps you identify different things. With four distinct services, this AI assistant can be your go-to for identifying flowers in a garden, touring the city, finding the best vegetables at the market, or guiding you through a jungle safari. Using audio input, the AI assistant asks which service you want and then selects the appropriate CNN classifier to classify the image. The assistant then tells you what it sees through your headphones.

This AI assistant is perfect for those who want to explore new places and identify the world around them. The flower garden guide helps you identify various flowers, while the tourist guide helps you navigate a new city. The vegetable market guide ensures you pick the best produce, while the jungle safari guide helps you identify animals and plants in the wild. With the help of this AI assistant, you can explore the world with confidence and knowledge.

With the ability to take video input using your mobile camera, the AI assistant offers a hands-free experience. Simply hold up your phone to the object you want to identify, and the AI assistant does the rest. No more struggling to identify a particular flower or vegetable at the market or trying to figure out which animal you saw on your safari. The AI assistant takes care of everything, providing you with an immersive and interactive experience.